Day 101 & 102 – Thursday & Friday – April 16 & 17, 2015 – Sea Day & Cartagena, Spain

This first photo is actually from day 101, at sea. Cruise Specialists sponsored another cocktail party for their clients (which compromise about 25% of the passengers). I made a point to get a photo of Henk and Lucia Barnhorn our CS hosts. This is the third or fourth cruise which we have sailed with Henk & Lucia. You could not find a nicer couple. They are now not only old friends, but we think of them as a part of our cruising family as well.

Henk & Lucia

On Friday, Day 102, we arrived in our first port of Spain, Cartagena. Cartagena was originally settled in 223 BC and the city has flourished under Roman, Muslim and Arab rule. Located on the southeast coast of Spain, the city has been a major naval port for the region and one of the most important defensive harbors in the Mediterranean since the 16th century.


Cartagena is a beautiful protected port surrounded by a number (seven, I believe) hills all of which once supported forts.

The port is a haven for small private boats today.

Today we scheduled a 4 ½ hour walking tour through Holland America. Unfortunately I was very disappointed with our tour. Our guide’s English was not very proficient and the ambient noise in the city made comprehension for me, who suffers from a hearing problem, almost impossible. As a result, I present the photos but in many cases I have no idea what they are of….

A statue of Christopher Columbus stands above the port and point the way to the new world.

A view from the top of Concepción Castle.

In this view you can see the Roman theater.


Another Holland America ship the larger Eurodam was also in port. This is a good photo of the ships as well as the protected harbor.



I did love their street lighting. It was quite unique.

Watching the Eurodam as it sailed out of the harbor.

Tonight we have a short sail to the port city of Malaga.

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