Day 97 – Sunday, April 12, 2015 – Delphi, Olympia, Katakolon, Greece

We were again up early for breakfast and on the bus by 8:00 for our travel along the southern Greek coastline on our way to Olympia for the Easter Festival Feast. The first thing I noticed this morning when I looked out was all the smoke. It actually looked like village was burning down! It was simply all the charcoal spits being fired up to grill the traditional lamb for Easter Sunday.

The view from the hotel balcony. It looks like everyone has a spit fired up.

Looking back toward the church, the smoke is even heavier.

This was at a hotel just down from ours, I took this as we were leaving Delphi.


A smoky haze lies over the valley.

The smoke from the grills was unbelievable!

Honey is a major staple in Greece, as are bee keepers. This was a common sight along the road, often not near any houses.

The coastal ride from Delphi was beautiful.

Fish farms are a growing industry in Greece with the majority of exports going to Italy.


We arrived in Olympia at about 12:00 noon. There were eight lambs on the spit, almost ready for the feast to begin.

Not very pretty to look at, but they were delicious…

It takes a big cleaver and a strong arm to cut up eight lambs!

After eating we walked the streets of Olympia. Due to the holiday the Olympia ruins were closed for the day, a disappointment for us but we did enjoy our sightseeing.


One shopping stop I did make was at the Pharmacy. Kay once again had a defective bottle of latanoprost, or Xylatan, her glaucoma medication. It is not noticeable and would not be a problem as long as the bottle is kept upright but the tiny dropper had a crack which allowed the medication to drain when on its side or upside down. Since this bottle had been traveling with us for three months it has been tumbled in every direction. Fortunately I was able to communicate with the pharmacist and obtained a bottle to finish our trip with. The amazing thing is that here in Greece as it was in Budapest last summer when I had a similar situation is they do not have the generic, only the brand. What’s even more amazing is the brand cost less than the generic does in the States. I paid 8.26 Euro or about $8.80 USD for this bottle and did not need a prescription.

On the way back to the ship we saw this scene repeatedly. The sanitation workers are on strike. Greece has so many economic and political problems… It is a shame because the people are so nice and the country is so beautiful.

When we arrive back, the ship was patiently waiting for us.

We had a little time left so Kay and I walked around the small town of Katakolon.

The beach was a rocky, not sandy but it was beautiful.

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