Day 67 & 68 – March 13 & 14, 2015 – Friday – At Sea

We 2 ½ days at sea before reaching Colombo, Sri Lanka. There are not many of the shipboard activities which interest me, so I have spent the time organizing my photos, cleaning my camera equipment and catching up of 5 days of blogs. I have spent some time in the fitness center and the thermal spa. In addition, I am making the effort to get at least 5 miles of walking a day.

In one’s life there are a few things no man or woman, to be politically correct, should be subjected to. Unfortunately I was exposed to two of those things this afternoon. Being a sea day, after several long days in port, the day was spent fairly leisurely. I realized around 4:00 PM I was short of my walking goal for the day. I went down to the promenade deck expecting to do about 6 laps or 1.5 miles. I exited onto the walking deck and began my penitence. And penitence it turned out to be. There was a couple ahead of me walking at a good pace, about my pace. The lady, who was of a healthy age, by which I mean about my age, but with about 20% more body weight was really impressive for the speed she was traveling. The only problem, at least for me, was her outfit. She was wearing white tight spandex pants. As I followed the pair I quickly realize I had a decision to make. Either I would have to increase my pace and pass the couple or I would be forced to follow behind what reminded me of two opossums in a pillow case fighting to see who could escape first. It didn’t take very much deliberation to decide on the first option. I increased my speed, passed the two and never looked back, literally or figuratively.

I thought this would be the end of my woes this afternoon, but it wasn’t so. Obviously I have done something to anger the gods… As I reached the port side of the ship I was confronted by a quite elderly gentleman with a huge pot gut wearing a RED spandex speedo. Fortunately he was reclining on a lounge chair, so I was only subjected to the sight for a few moments as I approached and passed. Unfortunately, I had to endure this routine for 5 more circuits. I am sorry but people should wear age appropriate dress. Oh well, enough of my rant. I now must get a shower and get dressed. We have an invitation to the Captains table in the Pinnacle Grill tonight and cocktails before, beginning at 6:00 PM. Maybe this will make up for my unfortunate afternoon…

Below is the invitation to the Captain’s dinner and the cards below list the six courses and two wines of the menu.

The dinner was very nice and the food of course was wonderful. Kay and I were seated at a table of four with Margaret, as single lady from Florida and Ashton, an Officer who reins from Nederland and is head of the Marketing Department. We enjoyed the 3 ½ hour meal and conversation. I was thankful that menu cards were provided because otherwise I would not have had any idea what I was eating! As a gift, we each received a ceramic delft travel coffee mug which depicts the map of the Grand World Cruise.

We arrive in Colombo tomorrow morning and have a tour scheduled with Cruise Specialists. Hopefully I will be reporting on our visit to Sri Lanka tomorrow or the next day which is at sea.

Good day…

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1 Response to Day 67 & 68 – March 13 & 14, 2015 – Friday – At Sea

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Wendell,
    A wonderful travel blog. I am hooked. I have been reading this for a good part of today whilst battering down the hatches as New Zealand’s north island gets hit by the edge of Cyclone Pam, which devastated Vanuatu. We are in for some high winds and a lot of rain.
    I look forward to reading about your experiences in Sri Lanka.


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