Day 66 – March 12, 2012 – Thursday – Myanmar 3rd day

Since all aboard today is 12:00 Noon, we have a shorter tour. It is for about four hours and will take us to a nearby village where we will be able to interact with the local people, visit their market and observe their daily life.

As the morning drive started, it looked like a repeat of the past two day’s traffic issues. After only about 2 miles we came to a dead stop due to road work. At least it was interesting to observe. Almost all the labor is done by hand. This includes leveling the road surface with shovels, melting the tar, and even sorting and carrying the gravel to be placed in the tar.

These drums contain tar which is heated by wood fire, then carried in large buckets by two men to pour on the road.

Here a makeshift shelter was built from drums to afford shelter from the sun. Perhaps some of the workers actually are living here since clothes are hung to dry.

These women sorted the gravel, then carried it in the baskets to the road.

This is the most modern piece of machinery I saw at this worksite.

A farmer minding his cattle.

Sunscreen and cell phones.

We were stopped as this train passed through the village.

Note the safety arm, it is operated by hand with a counterweight.

We visited another small monastery. There are hundreds in the country.


This is the studying and worshiping area.

This is the living area. There is not a lot of space, but then they have very few possessions.







The exterior of the monastery. It is quite different from the teaching facility we saw yesterday.

After the visit to the monastery, we walked through the village.




The children were excited to get a string of beads left over from the ship’s Fat Tuesday party.





This looks like a Monk’s motorcycle convention…

After our walk, we took a pony cart ride to the village market.

This was our pony cart driver.

The pony carts had wooden wheels, but were covered with old truck tire treads which were attached with wire.

Father and Daughter

Ready to ride…

The market.




Spices, spices, spices…..

Pepper anyone?


This was the Big Momma. She was really controlling things on this end of the market. She was keeping everyone hopping, handling the money and appeared to be keeping the books. When I asked for permission to take a photo, she gave me this thumbs up!


Again, permission asked and granted for a photo.


Quite a surprise here. I stopped at this shop which sold “monk supplies”, alms buckets, incense, Buddhas, robes and various other items. It was in a very quiet part of the market and the young lady was in the floor working and I didn’t pay her too much attention. When she realized I was there she was so startled she let out a little yep and then the other lady came out. They looked at me and just smiled and went back to their work. It wasn’t until I was editing my photos and I enlarged this one that I realized the round things they were making were being made from 1000 Katz bills. Each of the dishes contained about $80 USD in currency. I guess that was why she was startled. I can’t believe they were doing this in the floor at the busy market. Now I wish I had paid more attention…

Following the market we each boarded a trishaw for the ride back to our bus.

This was my trishaw driver.

After we got back to the ship, I took this photo from our veranda. What appears to be a pile of sticks is actually huge teak logs. Due to the ban on endangered wood to many countries, all of these logs are awaiting a place to go.


This is an enlargement showing the logs in relation to the red truck which can be seen in the previous photo. Each log is labeled.

As we sailed up the Yangon River as the sun was setting, I got this photo from about a mile away. It conveys to me what I always thought Burma must look like…

This finishes my Myanmar blog series, I hope you enjoyed the photos even though I didn’t have time to give a lot of commentary. I could have written a book about what we experienced during our 3 day stay. We are now setting sail for Sri Lanka across the Bay of Bengal, the largest bay in the world. We have about 1300 mile to go.

Thanks for looking, until later…

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  1. Patricia says:

    Outstanding! Thanks for taking the time to post!


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