Day 59 – March 5, 2015 – Thursday – Singapore 2nd Day

Starting our second day in Singapore, we had no specific plans. We felt we did most of the highlights we wanted to do yesterday and frankly we were all pretty exhausted from our busy day. We had a leisurely breakfast at 7:30 and then decided to walk to the island of Sentosa, which is only about a mile via a boardwalk. Sentosa Harborfront is an unusual mix of entertainment, lodging, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and beaches. With over 300 retail outlets, 3100 hotel rooms, seven spas and 200 dining options as well as beaches, a golf course and major entertainment options.

To get to Sentosa we could take the train, a cab, a cable car or walk. We opted to walk for the exercise and simply because it was such as short distance. Our intention was to simply visit the island and walk around. From the time we left the ship until we returned we logged about 7.5 miles which isn’t so far but the temperature and humidity was brutal!

To get to the boardwalk, we walked along the marina beside Vivocity which is Singapore’s largest lifestyle mall with hundreds of shops and major stores.

This beautiful sculpture/display is along the marina.


We have arrived!


Hard Rock Café is everywhere…

The Candylicious store.


The year of the GOAT. Whoever has the goat franchise has made a fortune in Singapore this year.

The giant statue of Singapore’s Merlion. Half lion, half mermaid.

Thinking the walk wasn’t enough exercise, we stopped along the way to do a little extra workout.

And this was the result.

It appears there was a misspelling on the third line that had to be corrected. Well, you can’t prove it by me…

Carl being Carl.

We didn’t even know it was here! We now have been to the southernmost point of South America, the northern most point of Antarctica and the southernmost point of the Continental United States. We have also been to the most eastern point of the North American continent so this was a nice surprise.

The beaches were nice, but empty. Obviously that is not always the case. As we were returning we managed to enter the underground parking lot of the island which was HUGE and EMPTY. I can’t imagine what it would be like when it was full.

The ms Amsterdam as seen from the boardwalk.

The Vivocity mall is huge and beautiful.


Evidence of the Chinese New Year is everywhere.

It was hot and humid today, and it is expected to be even worse tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur. We have an eight hour tour planned with HAL. This port requires a 45 minute shuttle ride to reach the city so we decided a tour would be our best use of time.

Got to get some sleep…


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