Day 47 – Saturday – February 21, 2015 – Fremantle/Perth Australia

We arrived in Fremantle port this morning. Fremantle is the port city for Perth and is the busiest port on the western coast of Australia. We actually arrived about an hour earlier than was originally scheduled because of the annual Rottnest Channel Swim event. This is a 19.7 Kilometer swim from Cottesloe Beach to Thormson Bay, Rottness Island. Participants can compete in teams of two or four, or for the extremely dedicated, tackle the crossing solo. This event has become the world’s largest open water swimming event. If we had not arrived early, we would have been several hours late!

Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city with a population of almost 2 million people. It is the capital of resource-rich Western Australia, the largest of the states. Europe and Great Britain could fit into the state of Western Australia. It also claims fame of being the most isolated major city in the world. Thousands of miles of ocean to the west and thousands of miles of dessert to the east.

In our travels, we play a little game which we call “if I disappear, don’t look for me here”. Basically, is this some place you would want to live? In our travels we have visited many places we enjoyed visiting, but most of them we would not want to live. Unanimously, we agreed that we could definitely live in the Fremantle/Perth area. On our bus tour, the guide said Perth has the weather California thinks it has!

A carry over from last night’s blog. This was our “pillow gift”, two very nice luggage scales.

The benefit of arriving early, was to capture this beautiful sunrise over the Fremantle Harbor.

This was one of the easiest docks we have encountered. After crossing a single causeway, we entered the terminal building and went down one flight of stairs and then to the outside. Shuttles were provided to town but we elected to walk. It was only about a 10 minute walk.

Another sign which caught my eye. This one was posted outside a restaurant/bar. I met an American married to an Aussie in Sydney. They had moved to Australia for a two year stay. His observation was that in Australia the mindset was more “what you could not do” rather than what you could do. The signs I have seen around the country seem to reinforce his view.

I have to continually prod Carl to keep him from window shopping….

We made our way to the train station where we purchased unlimited day use “family” tickets for the train for $11.80 AUD or about $9.50 US. This covered the fare for two of us from Fremantle to Perth and back. It was about a 30 minute train ride. The trains system is very efficient, clean and reasonably priced. In addition if you are a first time visitor it is well marked which is important.

Below is a couple of signs I saw on the train.



We tried our best to not exhibit any antisocial behavior.

We had previously purchased tickets on the Perth Hop-on-Hop-off (HOHO) bus. Here we have just entered the bus and looking over the route map.

A view of the city through one of the many parks.

The Bell Tower, located on the Barrack St. Jetty, is one of the world’s largest musical instruments. The bells were given to Perth by Great Britain. This entire area is under renovation. It seems like most of the city is under reconstruction or new construction.

This photo which shows only a few of the construction cranes gives you some idea of the construction activity.

Just outside of the city is the Crown Hotel and Casino complex.

One of the many bronze statues seen throughout the city. This one depicts an early gold miner on his way to the gold field.

Perth, like all of Australia, is a huge center for the sport of cricket. Especially so with the ICC World Cup being held in Australia.

The front of the Perth Mint.


Perth enjoys two major pedestrian malls. Murray Street Mall and Hay Street Mall. They are connected by a number of through streets. This one I believe is London Court.

On this street I enjoyed viewing a $2600.00 alligator bag and a $40,000.00 Opal pendant. Both slightly out of my price range…

The train station while we waited for our ride back to Fremantle. The train ran every 15 minutes.

On the train, Carl struck up a conversation with a local.

While coming back on the train, I noticed these four guys. What a diversified group. They were obviously traveling together and being boys, like boys everywhere. Several block from the train station I saw them again with a lady and a younger child. I asked if I could take their photo and before saying yes, they checked with the lady, which I presume was one of their mothers (I believe the one on the left). She said they lived in the area and wanted to know where I was from. She said she had visited Chicago. I didn’t notice until later the sign they were under. Appropriate, I think. This is Australia in a nutshell. It is a much diversified country of emigrants from all over the world.

The Fremantle Market…


This gentleman, was selling handmade “bush” bird calls. He was also using them to whistle at the attractive ladies who walked by.

Inside the market, it was a madhouse as most markets are.


I can’t resist photographing the fruits in a market…

Typical street scene in Freo, as all the locals refer to Freemantle.

I haven’t seen this idea tried in the US, yet…

Western Australia, and the Perth area especially was originally settled by the Nyoongar people, who had lived her for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived in the early 1800’s. Their language, Nyunga, also known as Noongar is an endangered language native to the region around Perth. The 2006 census recorded only 240 speakers of Nyunga.

I’ll end this blog with “Djidar noonook djinanginy”, which in Nyunga means “see you in the morning”.


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1 Response to Day 47 – Saturday – February 21, 2015 – Fremantle/Perth Australia

  1. Sharon says:

    Brings back memories of our visit to Perth and Fremantle. We also took the train into Perth. But we took the CAT which is a free bus to King’s Park. And wandered all over the beautiful grounds. Many of the wild flowers were in bloom as it was spring in Australia. Love the pictures of Janet, Carl. You need to include more photos of Kay and yourself for your kids and grandkids.


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