Days 41-42, February 15&16, 2015 – Sunday & Monday – Adelaide, Australia

We arrived early in Adelaide, as we usually do in most ports. I didn’t go to the forward deck since our cabin was facing the eastern sky and we could observe the sunrise without leaving the cabin. Our plans today include a HAL excursion called the best of Adelaide. It is an 8 hour tour which covers the city, the wildlife and the mountains.

Sunrise over Port Adelaide with the half-moon visible.

And finally the sun comes up.

After breakfast the ship had cleared immigrations and we debarked for our 8:45 tour departure. After a little over an hour drive we arrived at the Cleland Wildlife Park.

We visited the Cleland Wildlife Park where most of the animals are free to wander and so are the visitors. There were kangaroos, wallabies and various other marsupials. Only a few of the species enclosed. Some of those being the Tasmanian Devil (so active you would never see him), the wombat (they are big and bite), and the reptiles.

The very elusive Tasmanian Devil. They are difficult to photograph because when they are visible they are constantly moving – fast. This guy was probably 18 inches long.

This guy really knows how to relax…


There were dozens of Koala bears throughout the area.

Here is a mom and joey in her pouch.

We then headed to Mount Lofty for lunch. It consisted of quiche, salad and fries. They included coffee and water, but I tracked down an Australian beer.

Although it was labeled a stout and looked like a stout, it seemed to be more of a strong dark ale. I’m not complaining, in fact it was quite good and went better with the meal than a stout would have.

View of Adelaide from Mount Lofty.

Flinders Column, atop Mount Lofty

At the summit of Mount Lofty

The international Cricket Championship us underway in Australia. India was playing Pakistan at this stadium in about 2 hours from the time this photo was taken. There were a LOT of fans from both sides. It was interesting that when we arrived back at the ship the game was being televised live on ESPN.

Sunset taken from our veranda, another beautiful sky!

Following dinner we attended a special show in the Queens Lounge. Gene, our cruise director, has arranged for the Tanunda Brass Band to perform for us. This is a group of about 30 individuals who belonged to the oldest continuously playing brass band in the Southern Hemisphere. They are a community band who play for the pleasure and it showed. They were entertaining and very talented.

Returning to our cabin we found this guy left by our cabin steward Budi.

For our second day in the Adelaide area we decided to just have a walk around the coast rather than taking the hour for the train/tram ride into town. We ended up walking about 8.5 miles total.

Norfolk Island Pines are very numerous in this area and they create a beautiful background along the coast.

We passed several marinas with hundreds of boats each.

During our early morning walkabout, we passed this group of locals. My guess is that they do this daily. They were very cordial and interesting. I must say that I encountered the strongest Australian accents I have ever experienced. Although the gentleman on the far left was definitely speaking English, I had to request he repeat almost everything he said, which he did with good humor. When he found out I was a Chemist (Pharmacist), he had a lot of questions. He has three sons who are pharmacists. They sold their business to Woolworth. It appears that in Australia, like in the US, it is difficult for independent pharmacies to survive.

More watercraft.

An interesting fellow.


This is a snail on a bush. At first I thought these were flowers or buds.

I even saw wire fences covered with the small creatures.


We do prefer off the beaten path…


A most unusual mosaic art work on a public restroom.


One thing I like about Australia is the fact that Political Correctness is set aside for the simple truth…

Carl had a dilemma at dinner tonight. The menu included both an 18 ounce porterhouse and sea scallops (and several other choice as well) and his favorite dessert, cheesecake. I solved the problem by ordering only half a steak AND the sea scallops (plus the cheesecake of course). We all ate too much…

We are leaving in about an hour for tonight’s entertainment, Alana Conway. She is billed as one of Australia’s most exciting and intriguing performers and recording artists. Well we will see…

I am going ahead and doing the post now. If anything really exiting happens before bedtime, I will post in my next post. We have two sea days before reaching Albany so I am not sure when the next post will be. It will depend on how much happens onboard…


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