Day 37 – February 11, 2015 – Wednesday – Sydney, Australia

We enjoyed our second day in Sydney by doing walking tours. Sydney is a huge city and seems more crowded than either London or Paris. I assume this is because more locals own cars and drive. Traffic is horrible and trying to navigate the downtown sidewalks is almost as bad. The city is beautiful but not in the way the old country cities are. The oldest buildings date to the early 1800’s.

The harbor traffic is as heave as the street traffic. There was a constant flow of 3 to 4 ferries at a time during the day. At 6:30 the ferry curfew begins and ships are able to move into and out of the harbor. It is not only the ferries which keep the harbor busy but sail boats as well.

Shortly after 6:30 PM we sailed and I enjoyed crossing the harbor and going through the Heads to enter the ocean proper.

We left Sydney on our way to Melbourne. We have one sea day in transit.

Cadman’s Cottage, built in 1816 as the Coxswain’s barracks and at the time was at the water’s edge.

When we first arrived we saw this from a distance on the ship. It turns out to be a celebration for the Chinese New Year.

We decided to walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge. We walked almost a half mile just to get to an access point. This hardly looks like the walkway across the harbor.

Further out the bridge we had this view of the ship and Opera House.



We walked to Hyde park and I thought this sign was interesting.


St. Mary’s Cathedral

Clint, you would have enjoyed the TAG store…

The War Memorial in Hyde Park

We visited Pattie’s Market. The large city market with over 100 sellers of mainly Australian made products.


You know I like signs and this one caught my eye.

A close up of the Sydney Opera.

A couple of the dozens of ferries which moved in and out every few minutes.

A telephoto shot of the Sydney Harbor Bridge taken from our veranda. You can see a group of climbers crossing the bridge. I was interested in doing the bridge climb until getting the details before we left home. The ship charges $500 for the excursion which includes a brief tour of the area. You can book the climb directly for only about $350.00 which is still absurd. The clincher for me though was that you could not carry your camera. You have to don special jumpsuits and not carry anything with you. You are then clipped to the bridge for the climb. I enjoyed my free walk across the bridge with my camera much more.

Kay with the Opera House in the background as we sailed away.

Another sail away photo.

The wind was very brisk. It reminded me of the wind in Antarctica, except it wasn’t 30 degrees…

Reaching the Heads and the open sea.

An interesting photo looking back across the bay at sunset.


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