Day 29 – February 3, 2015 – Tuesday – At Sea

We have two days at sea on our way to Auckland, NZ. Thus I continue what has become my at sea day routine. I was awake at 6:00 AM and made my way to the gym. Here I spent 50 minutes. 35 minutes doing hills on the stationary bike and an additional 15 minutes with the weight machines. It seems I have reached an equilibrium with my weight vs food. In the first 3 weeks on the ship I gained about 5 pounds. In the week since, I have remained at the same weight. I believe than from this point of the cruise forward we will be experiencing more port days which for us translates into more exercise.

On the sea days, in addition to the gym time, I try to get at least two to three miles of walking on the deck. In addition in the slightly more than four weeks onboard none of us have even entered an elevator, its stairs only. It has been tempting though, especially when we return from a shore excursion and enter the ship on “A” deck after a long day ashore. This means six flights of stairs await us to reach our cabin on deck 6.

Kay tends to get all her sea day exercise by walking the promenade deck. She usually leaves in the morning at the same time as I leave for the gym and walks for 45 minutes. We both then usually walk another 15 minutes after breakfast before attending the “Good Morning Amsterdam” program.

Depending on the program schedule, we may attend a port briefing and/or a guest lecture and then it’s time for lunch. My personal goal is to have only one desert per day so I usually skip desert at lunch. I also try to make at least one of my meals fish. By doing this and limiting my bread intake, I will be very happy if I can finish the cruise with only a five pound weight gain (actually I will be happy if I only have a 10 pound gain).

As I write this it is 1:20 PM, lunch if finished and I have a few minutes before making the 2:00 PM lecture on “New Zealand: Nature, Maoris, Missionaries and Settlers”. Following the lecture it will be a trip to the thermal spa for about an hour. I will then have about another one and one-half hours to fill with reading, writing and getting ready for dinner.

Obviously much of our day revolves around food. The great thing about the longer cruises is that you can pace yourself. After the first few days you can adjust your food intake without compromising the quality or variety of your meals. Of course we do see many who make no compromises. It is truly amazing the quantity of food consumed by some fellow passengers. It seems to be much more prominent on the Lido deck, where if you don’t have a lot of self-restraint it is quite easy to consume much more than your body either needs or wants. That’s why we tend to avoid the Lido when possible. The serving portions in the dining room are very reasonable and if you eat only what is served (and don’t request seconds or multiple entrees) you can fairly easily maintain a reasonable caloric intake.

I wish all my faithful readers could be here with me at this moment. I am sitting at the desk in our cabin, with the veranda door open looking out to a cloudless sky, fairly calm seas and a temperature of 79 degrees. I am truly blessed. At the captains “position and meteorological” announcement at noon, we learned we were still about 800 miles from New Zealand. We are scheduled to reach Auckland at 8:00 AM on Thursday and will have two full days there.

As you can see, Kay is enjoying the veranda also…

The afternoon lecture by Merlyn Foster as always was entertaining and informative. Merlyn is a retired biologist. He said he has always be fascinated by the sea and travel. When he retired he turned his hobby into an income by doing lectures on cruise ships. He researches the “behind the scene” facts and stories and turns them into presentations which make you want to learn more.

Dinner tonight was excellent, as always. An interesting note. Due to container shipping problems on the US west coast, the Amsterdam has not received its expected delivery of wine. As a result those of us who have purchased the basic “Navigator” wine packages have been able select from the upgraded “Admiral” list of wines. Being 4 star Mariners entitles us to receive a 50% discount on wine packages. This means we are able to purchase a $12 bottle of wine for $19 (including mandatory 15% corkage fee). Yes, that is right, most of the wines start at about $40 per bottle. With this shortage we are now actually able to get $15-$20 (up to $45 on the wine list) dollar bottles for the same $19. A real bargain…. This will end in Auckland though when the wine is expected to catch up with the ship, so we better enjoy it while we can.

This photo is form Tonga, I just liked it and thought I would share.

Goodnight All…

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1 Response to Day 29 – February 3, 2015 – Tuesday – At Sea

  1. June McDonald says:

    We are the parents of Kirsten Kapustay , close friend to
    Dave and Marcia in Rome. Kirsten
    Sent us the link to your
    Blog. We leave for a week on Auckland NZ on Friday February 6 and would love to hear some recommended sights you have discovered in your visit.

    Gary and June McDonald


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